Auditing Your Website

website - examining researchingSEO professionals audit websites. This isn’t the type of auditing associated with taxes and accountants; customers can ask for a technical and/or a performance audit of their sites. One looks at competition and viewings; another considers whether your website operates to a high enough standard.

Analyzing Performance

Content writers choose key words and phrases and plant those throughout a website, social media page, or blog. These words are selected according to the terms consumers use to search for something online. When an SEO professional analyzes performance against the competition, she compares companies using those same key words, not just firms in the same or similar field, and goes further to analyze ongoing key word trends.

Analytical Breakdown

Software programs report how many views a key word receives over a given period of time and then determine what share of those views a client has received. This expert examines numbers and percentages to determine which companies get the highest share if not her own client. She can then conduct research into how other firms enjoying higher viewership acquire their audience share.

Viewing Figures

Software for analytical audits will depict figures in numerous ways. There are bar graphs and line graphs; charts and tables; pie charts and color coding. These graphs are as beautiful as they are revealing. With figures in their hands, an SEO analyst with a customer struggling to build an audience will consider several potential problems, including technical issues within the site.

Technical Audit

When search engine results provide links and you choose one, how long will you give the site to load before switching to a different link? Most people allow just a few seconds, perhaps 5 at most. This is a long time in internet-land. Why don’t people wait any longer? One reason is impatience, but consumers also distrust sites that are slow to load. These sometimes carry viruses which can infect their own computers or, even worse, an entire business system. Customers are right to be watchful.


Why is your domain slow? It could be a problem with the host. Perhaps the site hasn’t received maintenance for a long time or it is taxed by too many graphics and complicated script. Maybe the site loaded but a potential customer became frustrated by numerous dead links and blocked pages. What can a client do about this? His SEO consultant will examine the problems with a site and suggest a clean-up, perhaps suggest starting over fresh, or make a few little adjustments that make sense to technologically astute individuals but yield clear results.


Two things should happen when an SEO expert does his job right. One is that readers click on a client’s site and stay to look around because it’s technically cleaned up. Secondly, the client’s market share should rise as proven by those same reporting analytics.