If you are on any of the popular internet marketing email lists, you may have seen the energetic dispatches by Michael Long, touting the popular SEO mentoring program known as OMG Machines. At some point, after being tempted a few times by his assertion that he “personally hand squeezed it fresh, today, from the breathtaking triumph that is OMG,” you might finally give in a take a look at what it is he’s actually selling.

And make no mistake, when Michael Long is writing an email, he’s bound to be selling something. And so with that firmly established, let’s have a look at what he’s selling here in this OMG Machines review.

The Name OMG Machines

First of all, let’s clear up the origin of the program’s name: This name goes back about 4 years by now, when the original “OMG-er” – or, “one man gang” by the name of Greg Morrison became known far and wide as an undisputed online success story that knew stuff about ranking websites that was eluding just about everyone else.

Sure, we could all make a couple of bucks if we, by some stroke of fortune, came across a keyword that we could actually rank for and finally see some sales for our efforts. But honestly, the type of success that Greg was having was beyond what many, if not most, of us could wrap our teensy weensy SEO brains around.

This guy was raking it in. And he proved it to us. Greg Morrison was no fly by night marketing wannabe. He was the real deal, and Michael Long and David Mills (the other initial brain behind OMG) knew it.

I’m not privy to the whole story, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Mike and David must have been able to persuade this one man, Greg, (get it? A little pun on the OMG name?) to stop spilling his secret sauce all over the forum that he was posting in, and start selling his knowledge to people who would pay for the privilege.

Price Of An OMG Membership

And pay, they do! To the tune of about $8K these days. Yes, you read that right. It’s about $8,388 (if paid in 12 payments of $699 each) to join the ranks of the One Man Gang Machine which now includes a tight group of internet and SEO power houses teaching the stuff besides Greg. Nowadays you will also learn from a guy named Kotton Grammer, Joshua Fletcher, Stephen Floyd, and others.

This latest rendition is called Project Assimilation. Fortunately, for those who really want this info – and, if you’re big into learning client SEO, you definitely want this info – they’ve given us that payment installment option. And in case you’re wondering, people ARE paying it.

Then, the last I noticed, the 2016 Directors Cut version of the membership was just over $2,000 – payable in 11 installments of $199. It’s still listed as a product, so it may still be offered. I’m not about to click on my PayPal account to test the waters, because once you click and pay, you have joined – and you aren’t going to get your money back.

No Refunds On OMG Machines Products

SO… Buyer Beware. They make that known upfront that there are no refunds. I’ve seen dialog from disgruntled buyers who have tried to get their money back after suffering from buyer’s remorse – and they post the emails going back and forth between them and Mike Long. It ain’t pretty. And Mike stands his ground.

Now, I’m not quite sure what the big difference is between Director’s Cut and Assimilation other than the price tag, and maybe a access to new or different teachers and coaches, and different or higher-level strategies.
The sales pages are loaded with income reports from various members who have bought into the system, gone through the training, and applied the techniques. These, by the way, are not hyped up or inflated numbers.

People really are showing their checks for services in the Facebook group.

Make no mistake that these people who are bringing in the big money are working their tails off. No joke. It’s hard work to not only get clients, but follow through on what you say you’re going to do for them, and then keep said clients.

Once you’re part of the membership and have a seat at the round table (or rather, access to the training webinars, coaching phone calls, and private Facebook pages), you will soon discover that the people with the huge earnings reports are giving it their all. A few are making money in affiliate marketing – and if that is what you are interested in, OMG has training for that as well.

But the lion’s share of the earnings report are from SEO clients. At least that’s what I’ve observed.

But, then again, speaking of affiliate marketing, they teach strategies for that as well. And then there’s Amazon. If you’re interested in selling products on Amazon, you want to listen to Liz Herrera, one of today’s OMG coaches. And, Liz and John Gill’s separate part of the program – “China Mastermind” was recently selling for $10,000. This was going to include a trip to China to help source products. It’s that serious.

OMG Machines Provides Top Quality Coaches

But the core of OMG continues to be the top quality coaches who, not surprisingly, include some who originally learned their craft from Greg Morrison. Interestingly, the program attracted the attention (and then support) of well-known self-help author and speaker, Bob Proctor who rose to prominence after his leading role in the 2006 law of attraction film, The Secret.

Are there any negative aspects to the program? I have no issues or qualms about the prices Mike Long and David Mills are charging. This is good stuff. What I do have a few quibbles about is the never-ending barrage of new products that they hit us with. I mean, isn’t Project Assimilation enough? Why try to keep selling whatever that Director’s Cut is? I say: Take older programs off the table, because I find it a little confusing.

The only other thing that I don’t particularly care for is the long-windedness of the pitches. Enough! I get it. You want me to join. The sales webinars can run on for several hours, punctuated by one or another presenter telling us to type in #1 or #2 or whatever they want us to type in if we are “hearing” them and/or agreeing with them. These run along the lines of, “Who here believes they’ve just received at least $100,000 worth of information here today? Give me a 1 in the chat box if you think you’ve received that kind of value.”

In this writer’s opinion, the value is clear, and it doesn’t need further hyping to get the point across.

But, at the end of the day, is it worth 8 grand to join? The answer depends entirely on you. The value is true and clear. You most certainly have the potential to earn thousands of dollars per month with the stuff you’ll learn from Greg and the others. No doubt. But, will you? Will you take the necessary time to learn and then actually implement it? If you have the slightest doubt that you will do the work it takes to follow through on the teachings, then save your money.

If you do have that passionate desire to make it happen for yourself and your family, and know that you’ll do whatever it takes to implement the strategies that they teach, then go sell some old gold jewelry if you have to and join.

Maybe you’ll be one of the next people who will be posting your own earnings report in the Facebook group. I hope you are. If so, you’ll be in good company.