Planning For Global SEO

global seo websitesIn the world of internet marketing there are several stages your company will probably go through if it is successful and you make the effort to grow with an expanding clientele. You will start with local business, perhaps relying more on friends and community to spread the word than the internet. As your reputation develops, a radius of consumers spreads out to the whole region, state, or even country. Beyond that is the global market if you have the muscle and commitment for such an undertaking. An SEO consultant will tell you: reaching a worldwide audience leads to a new way of looking at search engine optimization.

Global Marketing

A product might not change in response to growing interest, but websites must adapt to the new potential. Although English is the dominant commercial and diplomatic language, limiting yourself to featuring just English on a site is short-sighted and limits your reach. If your site was English-only, it really should be re-designed to accommodate other languages. It’s not practical to list every single one you can think of, so how does a business owner select two, three, or perhaps five options?

Analytics and Reporting

Clients often think of analytical reporting as a way to determine key words and find out how many views a site has received, but it can also be used to determine internet trends more generally. For instance, which countries use e-commerce most and in which languages? In some countries it’s common to hear at least two languages spoken. With technical support, you can also determine which countries to target with your product based on the way they use the internet commercially.

Updated Website Capacity

As your audience grows geographically, your site will also have to become more sophisticated. Some pages are designed for limited simultaneous viewing: you don’t want a page to crash. Also, with a global audience on an e-commerce site, a business needs to accommodate multiple payment methods. Asking for a cheque in the mail or credit card details isn’t necessarily good enough, and which credit cards are most widely recognized? Since there are fees to take credit card payments, you have to be selective. Paypal and other internet transfer methods are popular.

Content Writing

When a firm gets started, local content enables a gradual start, something new entrepreneurs value as they learn the ins and outs of internet retail. Don’t give up on local content entirely: that would be like forgetting the consumers who helped strengthen your reputation. Consult with an SEO professional about how your newly global audience affects key words and varieties of content appropriate for a firm as it grows. Maintain your grass-roots charm without sacrificing the appearance of professionalism and potential; two things investors will want to pick up on when they visit your website.