Pros And Cons Of Hiring a Content Writer

startup-593324_1280Writing content seems so easy. The owner of a company or head of an organization knows his topic better than anyone whether it has to do with a product he is selling, a service he provides, or an issue he wishes to promote. In reality, not everyone is a writer. Some people, no matter how gifted they are at disseminating information or promoting goods on a verbal basis, freeze up when they try to craft coherent sentences.

Writing Tools

There are software templates one can use, especially for creating captions and catalogs. These don’t require creativity: merely fill in the blanks. It’s also possible to learn plenty by reading similar, successful websites to get a feel for style and structure.

Writing Jobs

Within one’s own firm there is often at least one person able to write professionally and accurately enough to get the job done. There are also SEO companies which hire their services and freelance internet content writers providing “ghost writing” (uncredited) articles.

Pros of Hiring from Within

An employee or close friend/family member well-versed in what an organization is trying to do knows what to say. He possesses inside information and doesn’t need to conduct research into that aspect of writing a piece the way an outsider would. He might do the work for free or fit it into his schedule during down time.

Content writers can attempt to provide the personal touch and sometimes get it right, but nothing takes the place of personal passion for a product, issue, loyal customers, and readers.

Pros of Hiring a Content Writer

On the other hand, internal writers might be gifted with words but not au fait with purpose or audience. Their grasp of SEO technique (key words, content length and structure, audience, and style) isn’t up to par with that of an expert. While they can say lots of pertinent things and do so beautifully, their writing fails to reach the people it’s meant for because vocabulary is too sophisticated or not sophisticated enough; is written in too personal or impersonal a voice; or isn’t posted on platforms where it will reach people best. Moreover, if a staff member is pulled from other jobs to do the writing, what isn’t he accomplishing? Is he being paid $25 per hour to perform a task which would otherwise cost $10 per hour?

Content Writing Services

Realistically, companies don’t always have the time or anyone with expertise in this area. Professional writers will construct blog articles, formal prose, or short social media posts. Tell them what you want and how it should look or feel. Let them determine key words and effective style using analytics. This is not about literary skill but a knack for knowing the purpose of a piece and who is going to read it.